Truth on the Net Dot Com is dedicated to exposing lies where we find them concerning the Bible and it's teachings. We have exposed many false groups, false individuals and hidden agendas. One of the most damaging teachings in our society is acceptance of homosexuality as just another lifestyle. I would like to ask you the reader to assess, evaluate the following fifteen points. Can you tell us here at whether these statements are true or false? We would like you to e-mail us the answers after you look these points over and compare them to the truth of Father Yahweh's word. Can you separate truth from error? The following is convoluted reasoning's, that challenge the truth about homosexuality.  The truth?  The Holy Word of Almighty Yahweh condemns this abominable practice.  Yahweh calls it to'ebah, an abomination!  So do we here at Truth On The Net Dot Com.



  1. The sin of Sodom was not homosexuality but inhospitality. Neither the Hebrew text nor its Greek translation in the LXX will sustain a homosexual interpretation of Sodom's sin in Genesis 19 and other biblical references to that disaster.

  2. English translations of the Old Testament references to sodomy or sodomites have been influenced by the LXX, which wrongly read homosexuality into the text.

  3. The Old Testament limits the prohibitions against same-gender sexual behavior in Leviticus 18 and 20 to the ritual or cult of Israel. This related to Israel's distinctive status before G-d and not to morality. These passages have no impact on the New Testament/Chr--tian moral code.

  4. The Mishnah and other ancient writings do not support a homosexual interpretation for the Old Testament passages.

  5. Out of a reaction to growing Greek homosexuality in the culture surrounding Israel, the intertestamental literature of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha wrongly assigned a homosexual interpretation to Sodom and the Old Testament passages. This literature also wrongly influenced the New Testament to find homosexuality in the Old testament.

  6. In describing homosexuality as "against nature" (Romans 1:26 KJV), Paul does not condemn homosexual orientation or any committed mutual relationship. Instead, he condemns perversion of what comes naturally. It is "against nature" for homosexuals to practice heterosexuality or for heterosexuals to practice homosexuality. Paul does not condemn people for having been born homosexual, nor does he condemn the homosexual orientation (inversion). Further, there is no universal moral principle to be found in Romans 1 or anywhere else in the words of Paul. Early Chr--tians had no concept of a universal natural law.

  7. In his unique use of arsenokoitai (1 Cor. 6:9; 1 Tim. 1:10), Paul does not refer to homosexuals who are in monogamous relationships of mutual respect. Rather, he condemns homosexual prostitutes, pederasts, or those who are ritually impure. His statements have no relevance for today's homosexual couples.

  8. References to "strange flesh" and homosexuality at Sodom as recorded in 2 Peter and Jude follow the erroneous interpretations of the intertestamental literature. These authors are wrong in their view of the Old Testament account of Sodom.

  9. As the popular saying in some Chr--tian circles goes, "J-s-s did not condemn homosexuality, and neither should we."

  10. The earliest Chri--tians and ch--ch fathers did not condemn homosexuality. The essence of the go-pel is the ethic of love lived out in freedom. To restrict homosexual behavior would deny these crucial values of liberation.

  11. The ancient Greeks and Romans allowed homosexual behavior and would not have considered proscribing or prohibiting it by law.

  12. There is no biblical or Chr--tian justification for legislating or restricting homosexual behavior by law.

  13. Within Scripture itself we find beautiful expressions of homosexual relationships---David and Jonathan, Naomi and Ruth, J-s-s and John.

  14. G-d's pattern of creating human beings as male and female has to do only with procreation of the race and does not inherently proscribe same--gender sexual expression.

  15. Our modern worldview includes advances and discoveries unknown to ancient peoples, making biblical pronouncements on homosexuality incomplete and even erroneous.

"This is not an exhaustive list, but it covers the major elements of the issues that have been raised by those who seek to use evidence from the Bible and ch--ch history to justify acceptance of homosexual behavior." James B. De Young

These statements are taken from the book; Homosexuality, Contemporary Claims Examined in Light of the Bible and Other Ancient Literature and Law by James B. De Young


Can you answer these statements in the true light of Yahweh's holy word?  If someone gives you any of the preceding explanations regarding homosexuality, can you answer them correctly? Does the Bible legislate against homosexuality, or; does it teach acceptance of this so-called alternate lifestyle? I will await your e-mails before I respond to these questions.


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