"The Shillelagh "

by The Mick

(a.k.a. Finnegan)

The Mick Takes A Serious Note!


"The Shillelagh "


" Concerning this, Remigius, bishop of Auxerre, who lived about this time,

writes thus (on Ps. 69): "There are different times of persecution; one,

when the heathen fall unmercifully upon the [Messianic believers]; the

other, when the evil purpose of the (false) [Messianic believers]

persecutes the believers, which time still continues in the [assembly];

for, though the heathen kings, and others, are dead, still the devil is not

dead, who secretly vents his cruelty, by secret instruments, that is,

through bad [Messianic believers].""

Chron., 9th book, page 287, col. 1, from Leonhard, lib. 4, history. Georg.,

lib. 4, fol. 305

from: Martyrs Mirror; Thieleman J. van Braght; page 242; GREAT PERSECUTION





    It seems that often the worse enemies of True Worship come from within.

It would be bad enough if these were recently added people who decided

 they had made a "mistake" and yielded to outside pressures; but, when

those who have been present for a longtime or those long-standing in areas

of responsibility decide to dishonor their vows of fidelity, they leave a

rift in the organization and seldom leave peacefully. They who were our

supposed "friends" are become our enemies.


    Is it too harsh to label these as "enemies?" Let us take a look, and

see. First they tend to be "high maintenance" type of individuals

who take up much of the resources (time, money, effort, counseling,

emotions, etc.) of those associated with them. After much and longtime

working (long-suffering) with these individuals they finally decide to exit

the organization, usually trying to get others to follow after them; and,

from experience so far, the accusation of "no love" being shown to them are

leveled at all who tried to work with them. These people seen to flock to

those in the organization who are less firmly grounded or who they feel

they can influence or in some degree control. When their agenda either

blows up in their face or their true agenda is ferreted out, the

accusations fly. They then leave, claiming many hurts, and with much fury

and commotion takes as many as possible with them.

    Those who were in leadership or higher profile positions are more

intense and take longer to bring the situation to a head, causing more

destruction to the organization (usually as much as they possibly can). Of

course even worse accusations are made (the organization leaving the truth

(as they see it), incompetence, plotting against those who see truth as

they see it, intimidation, etc.) seldom admitting to their wanting to start

their own organization to counter the one they left, though they almost

always do.


     So, what have we here? A type of individual who displays one kind of

personality coming in, and another when exiting. One who wishes to

influence and lead others while saying that they do not. One who shouts to

the world accolades of the organization and its responsible leaders, while

undermining the resources and bringing false charges and doubts to others

about this same organization and/or its leaders (oneself excluded, of

course). One who lauds the necessity of discipline while bringing through

the gates the very pseudo-liberalism that has shown itself destructive to

persons, groups, organizations, countries, civilizations... One who when

shown their error' (s) rebel, attack and seek to harm the reputation and/or

person of those who are trying their best to follow the Spirit that we all

agreed to follow and help others to follow. When ALL else has failed to

allow them to have their way, they start, or join, one or more groups

(can't really call them "organizations") that are predicated on the

destruction of the original organization and of all who support it; even to

the point of lies (and we know who the father of lies is), false lawsuits,

etc. These are nothing more than self--important, self--promoting,

destructive individuals seeking a following; all the while denying it to be



    Are these enemies? Yes, especially if one considers that they are

seeking to destroy the organization (and by extension the individual loyal

members and supporters) that we, and they at one time, agree is the ONLY

pathway to eternal salvation, the One Body, the True Body, the Straight and

Narrow Way, etc. They seek, to have their OWN inflated (leavened) ego

satisfied at the cost of the salvation of all others. They have fallen away

to their own lusts (even to other, sometimes violent, religions) and would

rather see destruction for all rather than admit to sin (sound familiar?)

    Should we continue to tolerate these people in our own lives? Not I! I,

and my household, will not knowingly be sullied by their filth and poisons!

'They made their bed, let them lie in it' say I. If they truly repent,

well and good; if not, well and good (and good riddance then). They are the

proverbial snakes-in-the-grass to which, metaphorically speaking, a




[shil·le·lagh also shil·la·lah (shə-lā'lē, -lə)

A cudgel of oak, blackthorn, or other hardwood.]

to the head will answer them, since they have rejected the sword

of the Spirit. No, rather let us concentrate on helping those who truly are

seeking the right and keeping ourselves in the truth of Yahweh & His Son




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