The Modern Sacred Name Movement:


       A Study in Theft



     Well now, it seems that we have heard of a bit of negativity towards “Truth on the Net Dot Com” from some person(s) involved in the so-called Sacred Name Movement! Not wishing to endure criticisms for their doctrinal shortcomings (I’m being nice) nor making the necessary changes, they lash out at one they suppose is involved with this site. Tisk, Tisk! So, blessings upon the one wronged (Matthew 5: 11 - 12), and judgment upon the unrepentant wrong doers (may they limp, their ankles being turned; as goes the old Irish proverb). Perhaps they should practice some of their brand of “love” which they claim others do not exhibit. Perhaps they should cease trying to recruit members of other organizations into following their questionably legal endeavors. But then, if they did all that, we would change from giving them the Black Stone to giving them the White Stone, becoming the one unified Body mentioned by the Messiah, and by Paul in John 10: 16 and 1 Corinthians 12; and that would eliminate their reason to exist.


So, just what is this “Sacred Name Movement” as it exists today? More than 98,700 sites use the name “Yahweh” on the Internet. Some are redundant, but there are many small groups and individuals that do not have a site, so the number of “groups” probably evens out. A history of the Sacred Name Movement shows, that it has been around for quite awhile (one could argue that it has been around since Genesis). A small revival occurred before the Second World War. This was a movement based upon individual efforts with little to no coordination between them. An outline of this history on a particular site also mentions several people that were mentors to Elder Jacob O. Meyer when he was learning the real significance of the Sacred Names and acquiring the organizational skills that would be needed to lead an organization; all of which Elder Meyer has openly stated in articles in the Sacred Name Broadcaster.



Nearly all the sites I have visited in some way, somewhere, acknowledge Elder Meyer and/or the Assemblies of Yahweh  (Bethel, PA) as a major influence and major player in today’s Sacred Name Movement (Elder Meyer has said (in writing) that the Assemblies of Yahweh is, and always has been, independent of the Sacred Name Movement). To say that Elder Meyer is “major influence” is actually quite an understatement of the facts. In fact, the great majority of Sacred Name Movement organizations either directly or indirectly have spun off the Assemblies of Yahweh. Most of the FEW that have not split off from the Assemblies of Yahweh take much (often all) of their doctrines, literature and programs directly from this organization. All owe what presence they currently have in the world to Elder Meyer and the Assemblies of Yahweh. Now I know this will be hard for most to accept! Tis Hard? Tis True!


There is one word that sums up the Sacred Name Movement today: CONFUSION! There is absolutely no difference in the Sacred Name Movement and general religion in today’s world. They both are open to allowing the people to do and accept whatever they please, and openly, or via deceit, toss out Yahweh’s Torah. The Sacred Name Movement is Babylon; it is the Temple desecrated!



The one thing the Sacred Name Movement does better than the world: theft through deceit. In what way? It shows itself, as one type of “person” but in reality is “someone else” entirely. It relies on the “blindness” of those who are seeking Truth, and attempts to steal the “blessing” from the one for whom the “blind one” intends it, to whom it is due. Unhappily, this ploy is too often successful. Is there Scriptural precedent for such a statement? Yes, there is, in Genesis 27.


In Genesis 27: 1 it states “And it came to pass, that when Isaac was old, and his eyes were dim, so that he could not see, he called Esau his elder son...” Here the patriarch Isaac is incapacitated through near blindness, and not knowing if he is soon to die calls his eldest son to him. After a short conversation Esau is sent out to hunt deer, prepare some the way his father loves, and then Isaac will give the blessing of the firstborn to Esau. A parallel can be made: those seeking Yahweh’s “firstborn” can only see dimly what is going on around them; they can hear “Esau” but before committing, they require to “eat” some of his “food” (doctrines) to confirm the authenticity of the person. This ‘food’ takes some time to “hunt” and “prepare” before it can be properly presented.

Meanwhile: Isaac’s wife Rebekah, overhearing the conversation, waits for Esau to leave for the hunt and comes up with a plan to have Jacob gain possession of the blessing. How is it to be done? Through deceit, playing on Isaac’s weaknesses; problems we all start out with:

* Isaac was anxious to give the blessing as soon as possible. (Time driven.)

* Isaac had problems clearly distinguishing his surroundings. (Inability to see things for what they really were due to normal human limitations.)

* Isaac relied on those around him to be truthful in all things. (Believing those claiming to be in True Worship and loving supporters would be honest.)

* Isaac’s preferences and weakness’ were well known. (Areas in which he could be manipulated by those he most trusted.)


How did she accomplish this?

** Misapplying Scripture: the Fifth Commandment (Exodus 20: 12): “Honor your father and your mother...” with Genesis 27: 8 “Now therefore, my son, obey my voice according to all that which I command you.” The Sacred Name Movement groups take Scriptures and twist them to their own purposes, adding guilt to not obeying them whenever possible.

** By dressing Jacob in Eau’s clothing (which she had been entrusted with by Esau): Genesis 27: 15 “And Rebekah took the good garments of Esau her elder son, which were with her in the house, and put them upon Jacob her younger son;” How do some of these groups look like the real thing so well? They once belonged to the Truth and stole some of the better “garments” of that organization. They have stolen the “garments,” fine linen (righteous works: Revelation 19: 8) of Elder Meyer (who taught them) and attempt to wear them as their own: trying to look and smell like Elder Meyer and the Assemblies of Yahweh.

** By putting forth a false messiah: Genesis 27: 16 “and she put the skins of the kids of the goats upon his hands, and upon the smooth of his neck:” Here we have the ultimate ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’ These deceivers go so far as to take the symbolisms and the sacrifice of the true Messiah, which they learned from the True Body, and deliberately use them to give a ‘warm, fuzzy’ feeling as if they were that body. They skin the Messiah in order to fleece the flock!

** By setting forth false food that smells and tastes like the real thing, adding a bit more than requested:

Genesis 27: 17 “and she gave the savory food and the bread, which she had prepared, into the hand of her son Jacob.” These Sacred Name Movement people certainly know what the REAL “food” is like: they served it to others many times (maybe for decades) in the name of the Assemblies of Yahweh  before deciding to go off on their own. Since they do not wish to go to the time and effort of serving the true food (doctrines) they choose a substitute, what they can ‘cook up’ quickly to fool others, especially the leader of the assembly (Isaac in the story, Elder Meyer and the Assemblies of Yahweh today) before the true firstborn returns.

** Running before the deceit is found out, Rebekah sent Jacob away before Esau returned and Isaac found out. These criminals also take the blessings, teachings and doctrines, and are found to be missing when their game is played out.



Friends, we cannot be as Isaac was in this incident. Although Isaac was suspicious, (Yahweh’s Spirit at work) he went on with what he wanted to believe; and the ruse worked for the moment. Today these people are taught the hard learned truths of Scripture Elder Meyer teaches in the Assemblies of Yahweh, they blind-side him while proclaiming their “love” and “loyalty,” stealing the blessings, twisting them, and then; calling them their own. A look at the “Statement of Doctrine” of the Assemblies of Yahweh, and then looking at the others (doctrines, statement of beliefs) will show the methodology. The documents are nearly identical with only a little tweaking, except in one or two areas that ‘justify’ the actions of the splinter group (as if theft, deceit, violence and outright lies are ever justified). A further perusal of their sites shows more of the same in nearly every aspect. Organization and unity of doctrine, with the necessity of discipline (first self, then organizational) are of necessity left out or greatly weakened.


Beware of these unconverted deceivers! These people present themselves, as the ‘real thing’ to those new to “religion” or to those who want to believe that all is as it appears. Through deceit, they steal that which belongs to the true “firstborn,” Yahshua the Messiah and the White Stone Organization (the Assemblies of Yahweh  & Elder Meyer). They appear to be clothed with good garments (the fine linen of the saints: Revelation 19: 8) in order to deceive. To “justify” their actions and to get others to support their thefts and lies, they twist what they have been taught by Scripture (Bible), organization, (Assemblies of Yahweh), or person, (Elder Meyer). As best as can be seen, they “look right,” they “smell right,” they “taste right,” others say they “are right” (as did Rebekah); however they do not “sound” or “speak right.”

You think you are eating venison but swallow a goat.


1 John 4: 1 “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but prove the spirits, whether they are of Yahweh; because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

2 Corinthians 11: 13 - 15 “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, fashioning themselves into apostles of the Messiah. And no marvel; for even Satan fashions himself into an angel of light. It is no great thing therefore if his ministers fashion themselves as ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”

Revelation 22: 14 - 15  “Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, and the sorcerers, and the fornicators, and the murderers, and the idolaters, and everyone that loves and makes a lie.

2 Timothy 3: 14 “But remain in the things which you have learned and have been assured of, knowing of whom you have learned them:”

Hebrews 13: 7 Remember them that have the rule over you, men that spoke to you the word of Yahweh; and considering the issue of their life, imitate their faith.”



Friends, stay alert. Find out from where these doctrines actually originate. If you find that you are dealing with a Sacred Name Movement group, most likely they have been involved with either Elder Meyer or the Assemblies of Yahweh in their past. If they do not admit to it, and you find that indeed they have received their training from the Assemblies, drop them. Truly, the hands of THE MODERN SACRED NAME MOVEMENT are Esau’s but, the voice is Jacobs. Better yet, check out the Assemblies of Yahweh. Personally, the more I look into it the more impressed I am.  This is yet another reason why Truth on the Net Dot Com awarded the White Stone of approval to this organization!



Yours in Messiah, 

Finnegan AKA The Mick






                                                    All Scriptural quotes are from S.S.B. All emphases the author’s.


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