X-mess, the Sacred Name Movement and Hypocrites

 Part 2


 Sadder than the hypocrisy of worldly religion is the hypocrisy which seems to be gaining ground in the so-called Sacred Name Movement.

It is one thing for those who, from time-to-time admit to their having strayed from the provable faith of the Bible (check almost any newspaper as well as many TV programs this time of year) in order to placate those of their localities, to be obvious hypocrites. They are of the world and they cater to those of the world. At least they are not directly profaning the true name of the Heavenly Father nor of his Son.


Where there are sincere but ignorant people in their congregations there is hope of enlightenment and conversion. Such were most of us in the past. How can one who proclaims to have the power of the true names of the Father and the Son, to be the earthly instrument of their will and repository of revealed knowledge, be even more of a hypocrite than the world?

By being two-faced.


They will cry out against Sabbath breaking, but will break it themselves by working or buying on the Sabbath Day: buying gasoline, because they didn't have time on Friday; buying food from restaurants, because they were hungry (sandwiches are not good enough?); driving commercial vehicles; and doing all sorts of various work projects because "one needs a job." They will weep over so called "abuse" while abusing other assemblies by spreading falsehoods in order to cause divisions within those assemblies. They proclaim that others are committing illegal acts against them, never giving a solid example or quoting the alleged infractions, while doing worse crimes, such as pillaging assemblies of members. They cry out against idolatry in the worldly religions while embracing those who keep X-mass trees (a.k.a. *"Hanukkah bushes") as long as the tree huggers use the Sacred Names. They claim to have the "Truth" but don't wish to cause any stress on those who refuse to give up worldly fables, especially if they are family. Do they take correction as would the children Yahshua referred to? They say they do... but woe be unto anyone, even a family member, who would dare show them at fault!




*Hanukkah bush
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

"Hanukkah bush" is a lighthearted and euphemistic name for a decorated tree, similar or identical to a Chr--tmas tree, placed in a Jewish home during the winter holiday season. It is used by assimilationist Jewish families in the United States; that is, families that try to fit into U.S. culture by adopting customs that they do not see as seriously conflicting with Judaism. A "Hanukkah bush" can simply be a Christmas tree by another name, or it can be one that has been Judaicized by the use of Judaic-themed ornaments.


But what really "gets my Irish up" is their hypocrisy of proclaiming their "brotherly love" toward all mankind while refusing to show love: to those from whom they learned what truth they even know, refusing to show love to those with who they once fellowshipped, and even to the people within their own "congregations."




{ And if you love those who love you, what thanks is there to you? For even sinners love those who love them. Luke 6:32}






 No, no, a thousand times no, to these people: they are not "brotherly" to those they once knew (unless of course they could bring them to their dark side); they certainly do not show "love" as described in the sacred Scriptures to Almighty Yahweh, to Messiah Yahshua, or to Yahshua's true flock; and their "congregations" may assemble occasionally but they do not bear the marks of "Philadelphia" in Revelation 3: 7-13.


In conclusion:
The worldly X-tian religion has shown itself openly to be hypocritical: they say they are worshiping the true savior, but in reality they serve the idols of "Self" and "Convenience." Is it truly too much to ask them to be consistent and to at least make a pretense of faith in what they suppose to be holy? Apparently it is.

Worse yet are those who claim to be separate from this world, to be on a higher plain, but are actually worse than the worldly religions that they came from.


{2Pe 2:21 For it was better for them not to have recognized the way of righteousness than having recognized it to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them.}  2 Peter 2:21


They were, at one time, part of the contaminated world, later they saw the errors of the world and supposedly repented of these errors and started the conversion process. What happened that they not only returned to their vomit (2 Peter 2: 20-22) but fulfilled (Matthew 12: 43-45) and became even worse?

 These hypocrites not only proclaim "Philadelphia love" to their "congregations" but they profane "love" as described in the Bible (Leviticus 19: 17-18; 1 Corinthians 13). It was this kind of hypocrisy that infiltrated the Apostolic Assemblies and caused great harm to the Truth, perhaps delaying the Messiah's return by nearly two-thousand years.

Personally I would prefer to deal with the first group. There is yet some hope for some of those.

Unhappily there may be some whose first encounter with the Truth will be through the second group. Of the two groups these are the ones who are the most guilty of being those who "say, but do not."


 The color scheme was chosen to depict the problems for whom this series was intended.  Their appearances is one of delicate frame and lifestyle.


May merciful Yahweh to open their eyes.

May Yahweh bless in Yahshua's name, those who obey His word!







Finnegan AKA The Mick



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