X-mess, the Sacred Name Movement and Hypocrites

 Part 1

 Then Yahshua spoke to the crowd and to His disciples,
 saying, The scribes and the Pharisees have sat down on Moses' seat.
 Then all things, whatever they tell you to keep, keep and do. But do not do according to their works, for they say, and do not do.
   Matthew 23:1-3

There There are those who will be "Home for X-mass," but don't look for them to show up to honor the (supposed) birth of the one they worship as Savior and King. Why would "religious Chr**tian" people avoid ch*rch on Sunday? Because X-mass falls on a Sunday this year! Why would that make them ignore ch*rch on X-mass? Because, worshiping and giving thanks to the one they regard as essential to their salvation, comes a distant second to spending time (and money) on their earthly (worldly) families. Many (most?) ch*rches these days do not have X-mass observances, giving that as a "family day" and this year they are showing that "Family" is greater than salvation. "Family" has become their ultimate idol. Pastor Bob Coy has been quoted in the Sun-Sentinel as saying "G*d is into family; that's why he sent J**** to Earth on Chr***mass."

What further excuses are being given? That people "won't want to come" if they attend service(s) on Saturday night (X-mass Eve)! Some are having extra services on X-mass Eve in place of Sunday services or even on Friday to be more "convenient." Some ch*rches will opt to have fewer than normal services on Sunday including First Baptist Church in Daytona Beach, Fla. (pastored by Rev. Bobby Welch, leader of the Southern Baptist Convention). "We worship every day of the week," "People don't need a building in order to worship," and on it goes. For those "on the go" who still feel they need to somehow endure a sermon, some ch*rches are offering CDs or DVDs in place of services so they can listen to a X-mess sermon while driving to a family function or view it upon arrival thus dispelling any feelings of guilt.

However, some ch*rches that do not normally have X-mass services will have their usual weekly Sunday service(s). There are even those, generally the alleged "Mainline" ch*rches, who will have expanded weekly Sunday services feeling this year that day is doubly holy. Some of these are the larger "Protestant" groups and the Roman Catholic Churches (where both Sunday mass and a Ch****- mass mass are considered obligatory).

The division resides between those who hold a firmer theological line and those who view themselves as "pastors" subject to the needs, wants and desires of their congregants.
Those holding the stronger line accuse the less observant "pastors" of having the philosophies of "consumer mentality," "not imposing the ch*rch on anyone," "not making ch*rch inconvenient in anyway" and "feeding the culture of individualism" allowing each individual to "do their own thing." Those embracing the "family orientation" are those who are (or want to be thought as being) leaders of mega-churches. Mega-churches are embracing this because they "emphasize strong families" but "are not strong on liturgy or high holidays." They "take creative leeway with traditions to make them more accessible to people who are 'turned off by church'" according to Nancy Ammerman, sociology professor at Boston University.

This phenomenon is not unique to the United States but is also a concern in the United Kingdom.

So what we are seeing? It is the breakdown of respect.


 Break down of respect for the Almighty and his Son by putting something or someone in greater esteem: the "Family" is above all. Break down of respect for the Almighty, his Son and what they take as being his earthly assembly: too busy to "waste" the time. Break down of respect for those who are felt to be "too religious" in their observances. Break down of respect for those around them, especially their own children: it's OK to have idols, as long as it's family.







 The one loving father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And the one loving son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.   Matthew 10:37



Break down of respect for Truth: by being fair weather Ch***tians; it's important to go to ch*rch every Sunday EXCEPT if it is too INCONVENIENT or if we have something BETTER to do. In other words: they are hypocrites, especially the so called "leaders" who support such attitudes; purporting to be stone pillars of faith they are nothing but inflated funhouses (somewhere to go for a merry time and bounce around; filled with hot air and subject to blowing away with the slightest shift in the wind or even completely collapsing, smothering anyone trapped inside). Is it any wonder that they are in falsehood? Of course not, where else could they be: if you won't respect the observances, you obviously don't believe what they represent, and if you don't believe what they represent, why would you study and investigate them? And if you will not investigate what you supposedly believe, why would you reject a 'Religion of Convenience' for the inconvenient 'Faith of Truth?'

This is but one sign of the deterioration of general religion in the world in this day and age. Religion has become a philosophy of convenience dedicated to the idol of SELF. While this is sad and frustrating to watch a system that will come to a well deserved end while taking many with it, there is yet a sadder situation in the religious world involving the same root problem.

What is it?

 And the rest of men, those not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they will not worship demons, and "golden idols, and silver, and bronze, and stone, and wooden idols, which neither are able to see, nor to hear," nor to walk. Dan. 5:23; Psa. 115:4 -7; 135:15-17  Revelation 9:20

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