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There is an expression "sleeping with the enemy." This generally applies to occasions in which opposing sides will ally (go to bed) together in order to accomplish a mutually desired goal. A classic example of this would be the alliance between the U.S./U.K. forces and the Soviet Union during World War Two. Before the war there were some very strong anti-communist sentiments in the U.S. and U.K.; and there were Soviet-based organizations that worked against the anti-Nazi movements in the U.S. and U.K. due to a Soviet/German non-aggression pack. Once all were involved in fighting a common enemyNazi Germany, all three became "bedfellows," proclaiming their mutual "love" and 'good will' for one another, until the war ended. Once the common enemy had been defeated, the three returned to their prewar animosities with a vengeance. This postwar enmity continued until a "winner" became evident (or all parties lost: the jury still being out).


One could expect such shenanigans in war and politics but surely not in matters concerning faith. Right? Guess again! This year Pope John Paul II died, he is now being proclaimed in many publications as "the peoples Pope." Although being portrayed as strict, he was not above making overtures and alliances with those the Roman Catholic Ch**ch (R.C.C.) once felt to be anathema: Ch**ch of England (Episcopalians) [a], Lutherans [b], and the Eastern Orthodox Ch**ch [c] to name but a few. Now there is a new Pope who is hanging out the 'Let's Talk' sign, inviting dialogue with all. Can it be that the Roman Catholic Ch**ch, the self-proclaimed defender and bastion of the Chr**tian faith, the instigator of the Spanish Inquisition, the force behind the Crusades to rid the Holy Land of Muslim occupation and defilement, a persecutor of all who were not Roman Catholic in Europe (thus forcing them to seek shelter in the wilds of the New World), is truly now open to dialogue and resultant changes in doctrines? Don't believe it. Will this be the Pope who will finally ex-communicate Adolph Hitler, et al, for crimes against the Almighty and humanity? I doubt it. A leopard does not change its spots: it is and always will be a leopard {Jeremiah 13: 23}. Notice that wherever the Catholic Ch**ch involves itself, it tends to dominate the situation and nearly monopolize the media: the "right to life" movement and various "council of ch**ches" being examples.

Surely this would apply only to the Vatican and not to those professing the Sacred Name. Unhappily in many cases there is no difference. There are those who in the name of 'reaching out to those outside' are in fact trying to be a Sacred Name Movement equivalent of the Catholic Ch**ch (let us call them the SNMCC for this article). Some will have 'relations' with anyone or any organization if they feel there is something to be gained by doing so (primarily numbers). Of course this is done in the name of "LOVE" and with the hope of maybe bringing the 'errant' ones to a better knowledge of the truth as well as gaining some kind of expertise from the target group(s). The reasoning given is that the other person(s)/organization(s) have some doctrines similar to the SNMCC group in question; at the very least they have common enemies and therefore they should open a dialogue with one another. At this point they participate in mutually supporting each other on some supposed controversy hiding the fact that they are in fact enemies. Sound like the R.C.C.? It is the same tactic and has the same goal in mind. The first organization (SNMCC) is trying to control the other and gain strength and legitimacy via association. Perhaps the SNMCC leader sees himself as a version of the Pope.

What are some of the points that would make the two organizations natural enemies? Let us make a short list of known points:

1. Can an organization that believes in the EXCLUSIVE use of the Sacred Names and titles truly be at one with modern Judaism (including Karate and other groups based in Judaism), X-tian ch**ches, and nonexclusive use Sacred Name groups? No, it would demand compromise, even abandonment, of the EXCLUSIVE use of the Sacred Names in joint communiqués {Exodus 23: 13}.
2. Can a 7th day Sabbath organization be at one with non-7th day Sabbath organization, especially if a joint function is held on the Sabbath? No, even if they do not join in they will support Sabbath breaking by having their name associated with the function {Exodus 20: 8-11; Deuteronomy 5: 12-15; Isaiah 56: 1-8; Isaiah 58: 13-14}.
3. Can an organization that observes only the Holy Days legislated in Scripture be associated in a joint function that is held on a Holy Day or season? No, even if they do not join in they will support breaking the sanctity of the Holy Day or season by having their name associated with the function {Leviticus 18: 24; Deuteronomy 12: 29-32}.
4.Can an organization that strictly observes the dietary laws legislated in Scripture be associated in a joint function that disregards strict observance of the dietary laws? No, even if they do not join in they will support breaking the dietary laws by having their name associated with the function {Leviticus 7: 19; Isaiah 52: 11; 2 Corinthians 6: 17-18}.
5. Can an organization that strictly observes Torah be associated in a joint function with an organization that disregards Torah or makes it optional? No, even if they do not join in they will support Torah breaking by having their name associated with the function {Numbers 15: 39-41; Matthew 5: 17-20}.
6. Can an organization that believes that Yahshua is the Messiah be associated with an organization that denies Yahshua as the Messiah, or denies that the Messiah has come in any name or guise, or that the Messiah is here lurking about somewhere? No, to be associated in any way with any such group is to support that group's doctrine, thus making them ANTI-MESSIAH via association {Amos 3: 3; Luke 12: 9; 1 John 2: 18 -19; 1 John 2: 22-23; 1 John 4: 3; 2 John : 7-11}.

No, such an organization lacks LOVE. It lacks LOVE, for it's members and their ability to qualify for entrance into the coming Kingdom of Yahweh. It lacks LOVE, for those of the other organization by encouraging them in their false doctrines and unbelief. It lacks LOVE, for those who are outside looking for Truth and guidance by encouraging them to believe that one set of beliefs is as good as another. It lacks LOVE, for all by in fact, promote the anti-Messiah mind set. It lacks LOVE, by lying and brainwashing; in putting forth that irreconcilable, natural enemies are 'lovers' but from two different points of view.

What can be further said about such 'marriages?' {Deuteronomy 7: 2-6} One of the groups must devour the other or at the very least a 'divorce' must take place, for such an 'union' cannot long endure. Once the 'separation' has occurred they will be back at each other's throats with renewed vengeance; much the 'lover scorned' attitude on both sides.

So dear friend beware of those organizations (including web sites, chat rooms, etc.) that promote the philosophy of 'we are all one, but different.' They often misquote Paul in 1 Corinthians 12: 12; a thorough reading of the passage IN CONTEXT will dispel that reasoning (to which I would add 1 Corinthians 6: 15 and Ephesians 5: 25-32: the true Master of the true Body would not allow another 'member' to cause the whole to die needlessly (suicide). Beware, such persons and organizations promote anti-Messiah even if their members are not aware that they are doing so. It is imperative that one finds the One, True Body of Messiah and promote its sanctification (separateness).


Yours in Messiah, 

Finnegan AKA The Mick





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