Real Cowboys Steamed Over Brokeback Mountain
(Michelle Arnold)

The fiasco over the "gay cowboy movie" Brokeback Mountain had me wondering what real cowboys thought about the film. As I suspected, the common answer is "Not much."

"Jim-Bob Zimmerschied is not a happy cowboy. 'They've gone and killed John Wayne with this movie,' he says angrily, beer in hand. 'I've been doing this job all my life and I ain't never met no gay cowboy. It wouldn't be right.'

"But away from the bellicose posturing, a more subtle view emerged. Dave Miller, 48, a rancher in regulation black cowboy hat, leather waistcoat, blue jeans and boots, said: 'It's not the sort of movie that I'd go to see, but this is America and people can watch whatever they want.' Nonetheless, he repeated the common refrain that he had never encountered a gay cowboy. 'Well, not that I knew,' he added. 'I just don't think our way of life is conducive to them.' And like many others, his concern was that the film would give the wrong impression of life in the West."

My favorite reaction:

"Lee Hagel, 47, who was herding cattle there last week, had his own objections to the film. 'They aren't even cowboys -- they're sheep herders,' he said witheringly. 'You can't just put a hat on someone and say they're a cowboy.'














What is the real reason for a film of this type?  Selling homosexuality as normal, even among so-called cowboys.  By trying to destroy any masculine image, including the raw look of the real Cowboy, homosexuals will do anything to advance their agenda.  Among these mentally deranged individuals, their only goal is perversion.  By attacking the Bible's use of such terms as "abomination," homosexuals are fighting very hard to have any religion banned that condemns their evil lifestyle. Labeling this term as hate speech, they are gaining ground among weak-minded individuals.  Nothing is safe from their overall objective, making homosexuality acceptable as just another lifestyle. 


 You shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.  Leviticus 18:22



Yours in Yahshua, Hawke




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