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For those of us who love America with all its' trappings, we were surely saddened by the death of a great American, Ronald W. Reagan. This great patriot, statesman, lover of all that is good and great about America, will be remembered by those that he affected with his amiable personality. The funeral procession triggered memories that had long lay in dormancy with these patriots and lovers of America. We were stirred to remember the founding of this great country which our ancestors fought and died for. President Reagan was an individual that relished the fact that he was an American. When he was elected to President of these United States, he brought along with him a dignity to the office of the Presidency seldom seen. Yes! There were many great Presidents! However, many had lost the perspective the early Presidents had for this great office! President Reagan was in total awe of this office! He cherished and respected this office above and beyond many of his predecessors. Yes, President Reagan remembered why this great country was founded. He also remembered what the founding fathers planned for America at its' inception. The documentation which includes some of the following, was restored to the minds of patriotic minded people! We will remember President Reagan as a great President! Rest In Peace!





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We will leave this page up as a tribute to President Reagan. The following archived documents were important to him. We hope you will find them important as well!       


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