Flying Pigs?

by *Finnegan

What do pigs, chickens and people all have in common? Each can catch a form of the flu. Happily it is not often that a strain of flu can be passed from one to the other. However, now we are being told that there is a high chance of a pandemic of avian (bird) flu that could sweep throughout the world bringing death to countless millions (listening to the TV news one could imply countless billions). Will the High Priests of Medical Science save us or is it a case of "We're all gonna die?"

It is true that currently there is a spread of H5N1 flu and it is reported that it has in a few cases been detected in humans, but what does this really mean? Is it the next 1918 killer flu?

1918 Spanish Flu
The flu epidemic of 1918 was indeed a killer with more than 50 million deaths credited to it. What made it so deadly, in part, was that it went through the human population at least twice. The first time was bad enough but it is to have mutated to a more contagious and deadly form by the time it was nearly through. It is this second, mutated form that was the real plague. Over all, the 1918 Spanish flu had a 1% fatality rate: of those who became sick with the 1918 Spanish flu 1 out of 100 died.

Where did the strain originate? No one knows for certain but it was finally accepted that it most probably originated in Kansas at Fort DIX, an army cavalry facility. Somehow it was supposed that it traveled to France with the U.S. troops, entered and mutated in swine being kept by the army for a food source, infected the soldiers and spread world-wide from there, mutating as it went until it became the killer of the second round. Horse, to pig, to humans. Very recently this theory has been replaced. Now the horse has been exonerated and birds have taken their place as the origin. Today it is accepted that it went from birds, to pigs and/or birds, to humans.

What caused the change in dogma? The High Priests of Science, in order to save us all decided to resurrect the 1918 flu strain from the tissues of those who had died of it. Unhappily not all the DNA code from the flu survived intact so there had to be a few fill-ins. What did they use for the fill-ins? Why, bird flu or course; and, since splicing in the missing components from the birds seems to have worked, we KNOW that IT HAD TO come from birds, don't we (shades of "Jurassic Park")? Now I am no geneticist but it seems to me that: if I take a generator from a 1965 Ford Mustang and it fits a Ford Fairlane, I cannot claim that the Fairlane is a Mustang; using "Jurassic Park" as a foil, if I splice frog DNA into dinosaur DNA I cannot claim that dinosaurs were frogs; therefore, if I splice avian DNA into a non-avian viral DNA how can I dogmatically state that the ancestral DNA of the virus MUST have originated from a bird? I can: but only if there is an ulterior motive... Yet, a quote from Science "... it's very clear that the 1918 virus was a pure avian strain that probably mutated and directly infected humans. And it's very similar potentially to the current avian flu."

So here we have the concern of today. Let's look at the implications a little closer, shall we? It may be clear to some that the 1918 was an avian flu but not to all. Certainly the reconstituted form now is and let us pray that it doesn't get loose (remember the killer bees incident?). For the sake of argument we will accept that the original 1918 flu was avian.
The next statement is that it PROBABLY mutated: in other words it isn't KNOWN that it mutated but for the theory to work we will have to ASSUME that it did.

It is next stated that this ALLEGED mutation directly infected humans. Certainly humans were infected by a flu virus that was a killer on a global scale. Whether or not it was a mutated avian flu is questionable.

Finally, it is similar POTENTIALLY to the current avian flu (I would ASSUME that the term "avian flu" is referring specifically to H5N1, for there are many active avian flues at any given time). Does this mean that it is NOT CURRENTLY similar to H5N1 and would be if, and only if, it were to mutate in certain specific ways? That is how I personally read it.

Is this flu a killer?
It certainly is a killer to BIRDS. Hundreds of thousands of birds in China and southeast Asia have died and it is spreading via minatory birds into other parts of Asia and Europe. The Middle East is looking for it to appear there also. Is this a concern? Yes, especially to those who make their living involving birds and to those who handle birds. It has made its way into domestic poultry.

What about humans? The first reported cases of human infection and death relating to H5N1 was late 1997 in Hong Kong, China. That was eight years ago. It is claimed by the World Health Organization that there have been 117 reported cases since 2003 with 61 fatalities (we are left to assume that ALL 61 fatalities were directly due to H5N1 infection). It is also stated that the H5N1 of today is more virulent and deadly that the H5N1 of 1997 to LAB MICE AND LAB FERRETS. H5N1 (exactly which strain was not specified) has also been found in pigs. Ducks turn out to be "silent carriers" of this virus (Typhoid Mary with feathers and web feet). It is noted that people are infected with the virus by handling, butchering, dressing, and in preparing for cooking infected birds (and it is feared infected pigs also), handling infected feces, and in eating under cooked meat. H5N1 kills rapidly, not through secondary infections; it attacks more body organs and systems then the ordinary flu. Happily there has not yet been a report of epidemics among humans. So far there have been NO reports of human to human infection.

What MIGHT happen?
What we now see is the ALLEGED POTENTIAL for a pandemic. IF it were to happen how bad do the "experts" purpose it could be over all? According to computer models:
It would take 4 to 6 months for the pandemic to be global.
About 33% of the total population would become ill (1 in 3). This would be about 2 billion cases (2,000,000,000).
The absolute upper limit on fatality rate is estimated to be the same as the 1918 Spanish flu: 1%. This would be about 200 million (200,000,000).
The epidemic would last about two months in the U.S.
The impact would be about double for a "normal" year in the U.S. Normally in the U.S. about 15% of the population becomes ill. Officially 36,000 people die (some estimate between 40,000 to 50,000) in a "normal" year. So, IF this were to hit the U.S. with the same force as the general world twice the number of people would become sick and over (perhaps well over) 100,000 would die.

Modern Medical Science to the Rescue?
We live in a modern country so all we need to do is get a shot of vaccine and we're all fine, right? No. First of all there is no vaccine for the newer H5N1 virus and there won't be until someone comes down with it, survives and the vaccine produced. This is the first step in how vaccines are made, how they are either grown or synthesized. As with any flu virus the vaccine must be strain specific in order to work. What about the wonder vaccine Tamiflu? First of all it is NOT A VACCINE it is an antiviral medicine. It is estimated that in a worse case scenario it would take tens of millions of doses of Tamiflu AND 150 million doses of vaccine (of which there is zero since it has not been made as of yet). To be effective Tamiflu must be taken within 36 hours (a day and a half) at the first sign of flu. It is most effective (86%) taken as a 10 day course BEFORE one comes into contact with the virus; it doesn't necessarily keep you from getting the flu but softens the effect. If there were to be a run on this drug the current supply of Tamiflu would prove to be inadequate.

Military to the Rescue?
ASSUMING that this pandemic were to occur would sealing off the national borders be effective? What about FORCED mass quarantines? As far as I have been able to find neither of these options are felt to be effective against such a POTENTIALLY quick moving epidemic. Some feel that "VOLUNTARY" house quarantine would be the most effective. How those in such a case would get food and other necessities has not been addressed.

So why is the military option being touted as a possible solution? There are various opinions but the idea of conditioning the average citizen to having uniformed solders on the street "for our own good" is one that often comes up. By declaring an "emergency" and having "MANDATORY QUARANTINES" it would be a federal crime to be on the street without prior permission; subjecting one to fines, arrest or possibly being shot. No offence intended, but historically solders tend to make poor policemen: they are not trained to "police" but to "fight wars." There have been times in the past where the military have had to patrol SPECIFIED AREAS of countryside or cities due to violence or looting and they done this well; (recently, New Orleans comes to mind with the insertion of the 82nd Airborne)  but, these were MILITARY patrols not POLICE patrols. Would they be forced to participate in raids on those who resisted vaccinations or other MANDATORY health measures (remember that enforcement agencies have the right to kick down your door, invade your living quarters, point loaded submachine guns at everyone in the area including children, rip a child from the arms of those present (while threatening him and all others with being shot), and spiriting him off to a foreign country; BEFORE all legal avenues have been exhausted)? Do we really want to open the door any further? Waco should be warning enough about having military doing police work.


Vaccine is not the Answer to All Ills.
Even if all went well and a vaccine could be had in time is there a "down side" to it? Yes there is. There is a long history of problems with vaccines. They often have heavy metal contamination (mercury) and other deadly chemical toxins. They tend to weaken the over all immune system making the person more dependent on the medical profession. Many are egg based so those allergic to eggs, fowl, feathers, etc. Must take special care.

Is H5N1 a Hoax?
There are some that allege that this panic over avian flu is being manufactured in order to manipulate the population. Although there is always reason to keep an eye open for transmittable illnesses, and certainly all should take reasonable precautions against them there is no reason to go into a blind panic. In all things let reason prevail. With 61 deaths in two years worldwide do we really need to see this as the Bug-of-Doom that will kill us all? No, there are far worse illnesses currently available; as stated above tens of thousands die in the U.S. each year of "normal" flu making it far deadlier than H5N1 so far.

Who would benefit from a panic and its response? First of all: drug and pharmaceutical companies. Also any medical institution or person who would be dispersing the drug. The amount of money would be staggering: first from those who would afford the exorbitant price to be first and assured of getting theirs', secondly from government agencies that would be politically motivated by public outcry against favoring the rich over the middle class and poor (read tax monies plus a "nominal fee). Secondly: as stated above, government would benefit by showing itself to the public as caring for their welfare, while programming people to Cue up and obey without thought any directions given for the "public good."

Problems with Vaccinations?
Has there ever been evidence of such an affair before? Yes, the so called Swine Flu epidemic of 1976. $136 million ($136,000,000) of Federally collected tax money was authorized to pay for the manufacture and distribution of vaccine for the $26 million ($26,000,000) mass inoculation of the American population. About 40 million (40,000,000) people were given the vaccine. As we know there was no epidemic, no thanks to the vaccine. In fact, many of those who were given the vaccine suffered serious side effects; and to top it off, it is reported that the only people to come down with swine flu were those who received the vaccine. In all fairness it has to be admitted that the THEN ASSUMED source of the Spanish 1918 flu was from swine, therefore also being call the "swine flu of 1918."

There is contradictory evidence as to the effectiveness of immunizations, especially on a mass scale. Often the risk is greater in taking the vaccine than in taking ones "chances." There are also contradiction in whether vaccines have actually helped in diseases such as polio, smallpox, measles, etc. To exacerbate the problem further vaccines are shown to compromise the immune system thus making some MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to the target disease and to other non-related diseases.

Two problems that skew the data favorably to show how effective vaccines are:

1. In the time it takes to develop, manufacture and distribute a vaccine the epidemic is usually on a natural decline.
2. The mis-diagnosing of a very similar disease in the initial awareness of the "epidemic," and the more correct diagnosing as experience is gained.

What Can We Do?
The first thing we can all do is DON'T PANIC! Do not give in to orchestrated mass hysteria. Sometimes, in some cases vaccines do seem to work in INDIVIDUAL cases; however, to take any medication blindly, just because "they" say you need to is most inadvisable. Know the risks as well as the "benefits."
Do what you can to be healthy. Eating right, hygiene, exercise and rest seem to be the best preventives. A good, positive attitude will do wonders. A negative, "I just KNOW I'll get it" attitude is usually a self fulfilling prophecy.
If you do come down with something don't panic. Do sensible things. Righteous living coupled with modern medicine can do wonders. Who knows, maybe you are blessed with genetics that are the right ones to help you through.

Stay Healthy!


Finnegan AKA The Mick











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