Exception to the Rule?




  Yahweh is an “organization man” 


“and they said, ‘Is Moses the only one with whom

[Yahweh] has spoken? Has he not spoken with us as well?’

Moses was in fact a man of great humility, the most humble

man on earth. But [Yahweh] heard them...”

   Numbers 12: 2 (The New English Bible)[Sacred Name restored]


“They confronted Moses and Aaron and said to them,

‘You take too much upon yourselves. Every member of the

community is holy and [Yahweh] is among them all. Why do                

 you set yourselves up above the assembly of [Yahweh]?’”

   Numbers 16: 3 (The New English Bible) [Sacred Name restored]



What do these two passages have in common? An attitude of, “How dare you judge me! Who put you in charge? How can someone claim to be so holy as to say who can or cannot participate? You are, after all, just a man like the rest of us!” and other similar accusations that are heaped upon those who have the responsibility to maintain order and integrity within an organization. Whenever I have heard such rhetoric it has been from those who take a very loose stand on internal discipline. In short, these are people with a bad attitude toward government unless it meets their “politicaly correct” (read ‘it is OK as long as I am not personally offended or inconvenienced’) standards. Even if this act of discipline does not apply to them they identify with the person(s) receiving the chastisement and come to their defense. Perhaps the underlying attitude of the person(s) receiving correction hits too close to home? Perhaps the underlying reasons given by the one doing the judging would also condemn attitudes the complainer has? Could be!



As an example from today’s news let us take the stand by a certain bishop in the Catholic Ch-rch of ‘Those government representatives not supporting, and therefore in violation of Catholic doctrine in their voting (in this case on abortion) cannot take communion’ (Paraphrase mine). This seems to nearly enrage some who, apparently, feel that a religious person must be schizophrenic in order to function in today’s world; and, that the organization should support such schizophrenia. Indeed, they maintain that one’s “personal” or “official” life must be separate from one’s “spiritual” life. Can this be true?

From a purely secular view someone has to be in charge and there must be standards or there is no “organization.” This then necessitates some form of “discipline” towards those who deviate from the standards of the organization: this maintains integrity, and without integrity there is no need for the organization. So using the above example, NO ONE is calming super-holiness, only the authority given from the Vatican (the answer to who put him in charge), and the necessity to enforce organizational doctrine in order to maintain integrity (the answer to ‘how dare you...’).


Does this apply to Yahweh’s organization? Indeed it does! One only needs to look at the entirety of the two episodes at the beginning of this piece to see that Yahweh does not take lightly any disrespect toward his organization, his doctrines or to those he chooses to put in responsible positions. Moses’ sister was cursed with leprosy (later lifted) and Korah et-al were shown openly to be rejected and then executed/buried alive by Yahweh himself when he was through making an example of them. In both cases self-righteousness lead to revolt, thus showing the hypocrisy of their public personas verses their private (true) selves.


Can one who is truly a worshiper of Yahweh take a schizophrenic outlook dividing their “personel/official” life from their “spiritual” life? The word of Yahweh say has much to say about such a mind-set.

For the sake of brevity I will try to summarize a few of the scriptures dealing with the subject:


Singleness of heart and mind is necessary for a person or a group to be effective:

          1 Chronicles 12: 33; Job 23: 13


Those who are unstable in heart and mind are liars and enemies of Yahweh:

Ps 12: 2; Romans 8: 5-8;  


Their teachings are nothing more that traditions of men designed to promote their own self-serving ends; which only result in evil and confusion:

Matthew 15, Mark 7, Colossians 2, 2 Thessalonians 3, 1 Peter 1; Rev 17: 13 (the scarlet colored beast having 7 heads and 10 horns: what turmoil that will cause!)


A divided mind can be a sign of demon possession:

Mark 5: 15 / Luke 8: 35 in right mind - the man possessed by a thousand (or more) demons (now THAT is schizophrenia!).


Yahweh is not pleased with those who are unstable, cursing some with a reprobate mind:

Hosea 10: 2;      Jacob 1: 7-8;           Romans 1: 28


We are to love Yahweh with singleness of heart and mind; one mind, one Spirit, one judgment, etc. (UNITY):

Romans 12: 16A; 1 Corinthians 1: 10; Romans 15: 5-6; Philippians 1: 27; Philippians 2: 2; Philippians  4: 2; 1 Peter 3: 8; 1 Peter 4: 1; 1 Peter 1: 13;  Romans 14: 5; Matthew 22: 37; Mark 12 :30; Luke 10: 27; Titus 2: 6


If we do so, Yahweh will accept us and will give us strength and peace both now and the in the Kingdom:

Jacob 4: 8; Romans 8: 38-39; Isaiah 26: 3; 2 Corinthians 13: 11; 2 Timothy 1: 7


So, as we can see Yahweh is an “organization man.” He wants, demands, not only a statement of singleness of purpose but to also ENFORCE it both organizationally and personally in EVERY aspect of life - NO WAFFLING, NO SITUATIONAL ETHICS. Can any organization, or person, remain effective if it has no backbone? No, it is nothing but a worm wriggling it’s way through life in it’s own slime. Doctrine, the laws of an organization, must be enforced; or it should disband. Should anyone, especially an elected official swear loyalty and at the same time go against that to which he has sworn allegiance; can we trust such a person? No! Can we trust a religious organization or person that does the same? No!


Those who support the idea of separation of public life from personal life ARE themselves a black stone. Hopefully this attitude will soon die out as the results are seen in the events of the world, It WILL be terminated in the soon coming Kingdom of Yahweh.


           The Mick!

                                                   (a.k.a. Finnegan)